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We believe designing any space should be a rewarding journey, leading to an even more rewarding masterpiece.

Our expertise lies in the ability to listen closely to clients, bringing design elements together into a beautiful expression of each client's individuality. Through the design process, we draw out the client's imagination, conceptualize how a design will flow, and bring each element together for perfect harmony. 


Working with all styles - from contemporary or traditional to eclectic, incorporating elements from varied periods and cultures, we love the opportunity to delve into any style.  By using rich fabrics, comfortable, yet, refined furnishings, color and texture to define and complement the design, we create a unique statement for each space.

We encourage our clients to play as active of a role in the process as they desire. We know that our clients will love the finished result whether they are actively involved in the decision making process or prefer to be delivered the finished creation.

We understand and support our client's need for discretion in regards to their privacy, therefore, many projects previously completed are not shown in Featured Projects.  

Our Team

Marjie Goode launched The Goode Touch Interiors in 1993.  With 27

years in the Denver interior design, Marjie has developed connections with showrooms and vendors to streamline the flow of the design, procurement, construction and installation processes for the client's benefit. The Goode Touch Interiors continues to impress clients with each original design. 

As a member of Design Connection at the Denver Design District from 2003 to 2010, Marjie served on several advisory committees and participated in the Designer Referral Program in 2001 and 2002. 


Marjie Goode


Debbie Gothard



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